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I want to tell you about the upcoming post in this blog. First, I want you to close tab this blog this very instant because of the nonsense opinion and a little touch of truth about games and anime. You heard it right, the blog is all about games and anime. Also, every post contain gramatical error that makes you… angry, I guess. Now if you find this blog entertaining, then enjoy your wasted time reading a not-so-good yet updated blog of mine. Welcome to Poorkidplay where everyone go away!

Featured post

Cheaters begone!

I just want to share to you that I win. That’s it. It is my first win in this season. I feel great because cheaters are all gone. No one can kill you now inside your house, with a shotgun, inside the enemy’s car, at a distance of 100 freaking miles! They are now gone. So you can enjoy your game without worrying that someone can see you through the walls. I think they call them waller. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

Add me if you want to play with me. It is NuviaWrightJr. I am grateful to play with you. Have fun!

Golden Time 

I finish watching Golden Time. First, I want to say that I am not fan of watching romance but my friend insist me to watch this anime. So I did. I cringe every time I watch romance and I don’t know why. Is it the corny lines? The love quarrel? Or because I’m single? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, I will watch romance if it is really good. Now, for the Golden Time. It is good. Hahaha. It is all about the boy who lost his memories after his high school graduation. I just want to know how Koko ….do… that. I mean you can’t just pick a lover after someone dump you, right? You will know what I am talking about after you watch the first 5 episodes of it. But it is still worth to watch. If you love to watch romance, I recommend you to watch this. Have fun watching it!

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My Second Video


I think I must add background music for the next video. It seems a little boring but I will practice more on how to make it entertaining. Hope you like it.


Inuyashiki is kind of different in other anime that I watch. It is differ in how a story will flow. The MC who always get superpowers always do something good but for the antagonist who also has a similar power, it’s a little bit different. It is common to watch an anime with a antagonist who destroy lives of others because of his past and personality. It portrays in this anime. But it also show the development of the antagonist. It show how a teenager who become a robot (Yes, this is the part of the plot. The two become a robot) learn how to fill his emptiness inside but in a negative way. For the protagonist who is old portrays his knowledge about the value of life. It is interesting to watch this kind of anime. You don’t know what will happen next but it shows the importance of family and the ones you loved. I recommend you to watch this anime and see how wonderful the story will go. We have different views about the ending but still, we can learn from it. Don’t worry, I didn’t write the whole story. So have fun and enjoy!

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Playing again

I’m back playing Mobile Legends… again. I take a break of playing it for no reason and I want to play it again. Maybe most of you know this game. It is like a mini version of League of Legends and DOTA but in mobile phone. Mobile Legends (ML in short) has only 3 skills, unlike in LOL and DOTA that it has atleast 3 skills. 

If you want to play with me, my name there is The Underdog. I automatically accept your friend request so that we can play. That’s all.

My First Unnecessary Video

This is my first experimental video. I do not recommend you to watch it. I repeat, I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH IT. This video contains boring scenes. It is because I want to know which effects and transitions will be appropriate in the content. But I have another videos that may interest you in this kind of game. So stay tune… or not.

Just watch

I already watch the two anime in this chart, Re:Zero and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. In my blog, I just tell you some information about an anime that can get your attention. But in this chart, I don’t. Some of them are really dark. If you start to watch anime early, I expect that you already watch Re:Zero. You know how dark it is. It is a great anime and I recommend you to watch it. But “they” say Evangelion is much darker. I haven’t watch it yet so I can’t tell you about it. Some blogger already watch it. They review and give you information about it and some give you spoilers, so beware of it. I just want to tell you that do some research before watching any of this. It is not life-threatening so don’t be scared XD. It may be enjoyable, I guess. So I’m really excited to watch all of this. Have fun and I wish you will try all of it. 


My all-time favorite, Gintama. It says in the chart that it is a parody. It’s true but still it has a good story to show. This anime made me laugh and cry. It is pure comedy at first but you will be surprise by its content. But you will know after you finish 250+ episodes. I think it will take you 1-2 months to finish, if you can watch 12-20 episodes a day. Or you can watch it a little by little. It’s your choice. But I guarantee you that you will not regret watching this.

Something new

Hi guys! I want to try something new here in my blog. I will post videos about me playing Rules of Survival since I am somehow addicted to that game. Of course, I still post about anime that I like you to watch. 

Another reason why I choose to post video like this is because it might be fun. I like to practice my skills in editing videos. I am below average so I want to take this opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. The video will take 1-2 minutes, I think. It may be shorter than that. And my videos may be crappy. So I want you to judge it. Like I said, it is shorter than 2 minutes so it will not waste you so much time. 

I hope you will like it. I will post it this week. Have a good day!

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